Security Films

Safety and Security films can prevent theft, vandalism, and serious injury from flying glass. Security film holds the glass in place when it is broken, keeping glass shards from entering your home or business. Security films can be clear, or shaded offering you solar protection as well. We recommend Solar Zone’s industry leading “Safety Zone” films. Call today to learn what security film is right for you.

After 9/11, the Pentagon and other federal buildings had every window coated with security film. Protect your home or business from man-made and natural disasters. Sun Out also offers top of the line anti-graffiti films. Protect yourself against vandalism.

New Anti-Fog films prevent mirrors and glass from fogging up due to extreme temperature change. For convenience, no more foggy mirrors after a shower. For energy savings, freezer doors can always be seen through, even after they have just been opened

Why Safety Zone Security Film?

  • Optical clarity and cleanliness
  • Holds glass in place when broken
  • Durable scratch resistant coating
  • Available in solar shades
safety broken glass

Why Anti-Graffiti Film?

  • Easy to clean spray paint, pen, marker
  • Easy removal and replacement
  • Scratch resistant
  • Suitable for glass, mirrors, marble
safety zone broken glass
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